Monday, April 6, 2009

More $$$ back!

For the last couple of weeks, I've been losing sleep over the receipts. Hubby is adamant that he gave me the two receipts for the two new toilets. I've been searching feverishly high and low! I even ended up cleaning out all the garbage from his car (aahh, so I get it! "Free cleaning"). I found one receipt in his wallet and I had one of them. I gave up on it when there was no place else I could think of to look. This is what happens when you send hubby to buy something. I sent him out to buy a toilet and he comes home with a pair of new Bolle sunglasses and a toilet. I guess with all the excitement of a 5 year-old, he must've carelessly put the receipt on his seat and let it fly out the window or an open door.

So, today was the last day that I could go to Costco for my price adjustment for my toilets. As sick as I felt, I HAD to go. It's a lot of money I'd get back, you know! So, at 3 pm, with a couple of hours before closing, I forced myself out of bed. All I had on my mind was $$$ back! Unfortunately, I only got $62 ( $30 each for two toilets and $2 for the Qtips I bought last week) back since I couldn't find one of the receipts! Oh well, $62 is better than none, right?

Lesson #1: Never tell your husband to shop at Costco. It'll cost you double...



  1. Wow! That's great, but too bad about the other $30. Did you end up spending the $62 (maybe more) while at Costco?

  2. What do you think? Of course and more. $158 on a few groceries. sighhh