Monday, April 20, 2009

Passport Pictures

With the June 1 US-Canada border rules looming, I'm applying for passports for my children and I. Now that I've completed the application I need to get our photos taken. The first place I thought to go was Costco, of course.

We walked over to the Photo Service Center and I asked the lady how much it would be. $6.00/set of 2! I think that's the cheapest you can get anywhere. I promptly told her that my children and I would like to get them done if she was available. Unfortunately they don't take passport photos for children. I was so disappointed. I had just brought the boys to get their haircuts and they looked great. Oh well, it was just going to be me. I didn't know that there were so many rules about passport photos. The photographer said that I needed to remove my glasses (although I was pretty sure that Passport Canada said it was o.k. as long as they weren't' tinted). So I took them off only to find out that I can't wear a white top because the backdrop was white too!? I put on my winter coat so that problem was solved. Geesh! Twenty minutes later my photos are ready for pick up. Yeah! Now I have to take the children to another place.

Monday, April 6, 2009

More $$$ back!

For the last couple of weeks, I've been losing sleep over the receipts. Hubby is adamant that he gave me the two receipts for the two new toilets. I've been searching feverishly high and low! I even ended up cleaning out all the garbage from his car (aahh, so I get it! "Free cleaning"). I found one receipt in his wallet and I had one of them. I gave up on it when there was no place else I could think of to look. This is what happens when you send hubby to buy something. I sent him out to buy a toilet and he comes home with a pair of new Bolle sunglasses and a toilet. I guess with all the excitement of a 5 year-old, he must've carelessly put the receipt on his seat and let it fly out the window or an open door.

So, today was the last day that I could go to Costco for my price adjustment for my toilets. As sick as I felt, I HAD to go. It's a lot of money I'd get back, you know! So, at 3 pm, with a couple of hours before closing, I forced myself out of bed. All I had on my mind was $$$ back! Unfortunately, I only got $62 ( $30 each for two toilets and $2 for the Qtips I bought last week) back since I couldn't find one of the receipts! Oh well, $62 is better than none, right?

Lesson #1: Never tell your husband to shop at Costco. It'll cost you double...


Thursday, April 2, 2009

You know you're a Costcoholic when....

I was over at my cousin's yesterday. It was playdate again with my kids' favourite cousin SweetL. We were sitting around chatting and the children came over to us to eat their Thinsations (purchased from Costco, of course). They emptied the little cookies onto the ottoman and were nibbling away. SweetL's older sister was sitting with us too and she asked her baby sister for a cookie. Of course SweetL obliged and DC decided he would follow suit. He walked up to SweetL's sister and presented her with a cookie in a cupped hand and said "You want a free sample?" Spoken like the son of a true Costcoholic mom! I'm so proud!!!