Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring has sprung at Costco

It's always a family affair. Hubby, the three children and I. No hot dog lunch though. We decided to go to The Home Depot across the street to look at some shelving first. I'm trying to put a make-shift pantry in my front foyer closet. After calculating the parts we would need to put in an adjustable wall rack shelf (you know, the ones that you screw in the strips to the wall and you purchase racks and brackets), we decided it was a no-go. It would run us over $200 and a wall with a bunch of holes (sorry hubby, I love you, but you're not as handy as I wish you were when it comes to tools). Back to lunch, we ate at Home Depot first and walked around, noticed that some BBQs were on clearance, and then looked at the shelving. Like the Costcoholic that I am, I said that I would check to see what Costco carried. Once in Costco we walked to their hardware(?) section and I saw this stainless steel shelving system. I really liked it and it was only $129. I checked the dimensions on it. I needed something under 63". Unfortunately this shelf is 72". Darn. I really liked it and it would be perfect. We couldn't figure out if the poles could be shortened or if we could just not put on the top shelf. There was no one around to help either. Hmm...Well hubby says lets get going, but I really wanted to know if we could reconfigure it to fit our space. Oh, next time.

Well, we shopped and here is what we got. Groceries:

Some things for the baby. We have many cases of diapers already but it was on sale for $12.70 off! So I picked up one case. We were running low on Cheerios, baby DT's favorite snack, so we picked up a box. Too bad it wasn't on sale. Neither was the formula but these are essentials. Now let's talk about non-essentials. You must be wondering, isn't it hard to take 3 kids shopping? Well, we always stop by the books area and pick a book for them to look at. I know, not the greatest idea since most times we end up buying it too. Well, we need our sanity and you've got to choose your battles, right? At least books are educational and a better choice than candies and cookies. We got them a Cars book. It's cute because the book has 3 tools too.

Walking around we saw that spring has sprung in the store. A couple of employees were putting the final touches on a wooden gazebo. They have patio furniture and sets laid out in the seasonal department. I am looking forward to the opening of their garden center. Look what we found: Crocs. The smallest size they had was 4/5 but was too big for Baby DT (who will be 10 months old tomorrow). The boys picked out their colours. Yellow for DC and green for DA. At $19.99/pair, I'm sure it isn't the cheapest you can get, but it sure beats shopping around.

Not pictured here is Bounty paper towels ($4.00 off) and Puffs tissue with lotion ($2.80 off). The grand total this trip: $209.74!

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