Saturday, March 21, 2009

Must Go...No Ifs, Ands, or Buts

I just had to go to Costco yesterday. Not just any Costco though. It couldn't be the Costco 10 minutes away from my home (I live in the east end) and it couldn't be the Costco across the mall in the west end of the city where I went shopping with my girlfriends. It had to be the one way out of the way - in the north end of the city, a thirty minute drive from either places in rush hour traffic. No Ifs, Ands, or Buts. My girlfriend can attest to that. We were at the mall much longer than anticipated; the next thing we knew, it was after 5pm. Well, she had dinner plans for 6pm. There was no way we could go to Costco and drive home in time for her to pick up her car. She ended up changing her dinner plans (what a great friend) so that I could make my crazy out-of-the-way run to Costco. You may be wondering, what does this location have that the others don't? Well, Costco has various roadshows and they usually make their rotations among their locations. This week, Sabra Hummus was at the north-end location. Have you ever tried it? You've got to. It's really smooth and creamy. The best hummus ever. And they have so many different flavours to choose from. They can be frozen, which I am planning to do because who knows when the next roadshow will be? If I run out before then, I guess I can pay double for it at a regular grocery market, but I'd rather not. I ended up picking up 4 containers (the price is 2 for $8.79) and gave one to my friend. I also picked up a bag of Stacy's pita chips. They're great and even at a hefty $5.99 a bag, it's still much cheaper than the regular grocery market. I love buying in bulk. Yes, I'm a true Costcoholic, a crazy one that's for sure.


  1. Hey I didn't know you could freeze hummus! Love those pita chips!!

  2. The hummus roadshow is still there this week.