Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just the bare essentials and a clearout

I haven't been to Costco with the husband and kids in over a week. My eldest son loves their hot dogs. Actually, he appends the words "hot dog" to Costco. Whenever we tell him we're going there he replies "Hot dog Costco?" We always eat before we shop so that we don't have grumpy, hungry children and so that we don't buy and sample everything in sight.I had baked cookies this morning and I guess the boys had their fill on them because when we sat down to eat our fries and hot dogs, my son played with the cut-up pieces.

The main purpose of this trip was to get milk and eggs. I remembered to pick up some Polysporin. I realized we didn't have any at home when I needed it for the nice burn I got from making pizza in the oven last week. The husband also picked up some Ibuprofen a la Kirkland as well as some doggie treats.

On checking out I noticed the Kashi cereal. I like this cereal and I actually have an unopened box of it at home. But wait, it's in the clearout area...it's $3.97! I paid close to $8.00 last time. I looked at the date: Oct 2009. I could eat both boxes by then, no problem. So I put it in my cart.

And the most surprising part of the whole trip? That my bill only came up to $65. That almost never happens.


  1. Yes, isn't it shocking when your bill is less than $100? I always end up with stuff that I don't NEED.

  2. I have never left for under $80.00. I think it's becasue I do go there hungry. But I am always hungry. Good job on that cereal! A great bargain can make my whole day!