Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I got off easy today! Last Friday? That's another story...

The purpose of today's run was to pick up a few pictures from my friend's 40th birthday party last night. That cost around $9. But I also knew I needed milk. After almost 20 years as a Costco member, I've finally figured out why the milk is placed at the back of the store - so suckers like me can walk up the isles while passing all the good deals in the end display units and pick up things that are a "good idea" or a "great deal" or "SO NICE!" So, unless you're a horse and go through the store with blinders, you can NEVER get out of their with the one or two intended items.

I ended up with evaporated milk, Montreal steak spice, Dove condition at a great price ($5.99), whipping cream, a 12-pack of YOP (darn things were on coupon! At least they're healthy), KS seasoning salt, a package each of chicken wings and ground pork and of course, my bag of milk. I do NEED these things, but did I REALLY need them NOW?? Probably not, but that's the Costco-Way, right? So, $69.16 later, this is after I spent over $100 at a regular grocery store over the last couple of days is not too bad, I guess.

Another Story...

On Friday, I wasn't so lucky. What the heck did I go in for again, coming out $361.79 later? Oh yeah, the microwave to replace the friggin smokin' dead one. Then I needed a few t-shirts for summer since the weather was begging me to put something on a little cooler, so 4 of those in different colors went in the cart, the Tropicana OJ was $2.50 lower than usual without a coupon, flour, Chipits, garlic, Quaker Chewey bars were $2 off so I HAD to get two boxes, blueberries, eggs, frozen mixed berries (price has gone up to $15/bag!), and a gigantic container of garlic for the upcoming bbq season. What the he**? I didn't think my bill was more than $200 with the microwave! That's the Costco-Way!

Is it just me or is it that the price of groceries have gone WAY up over the last year?

PS. I noticed the price of the Ghiradelli Triple Chocolate Brownies went up to $7.99 from $6.29 today. I think this is the result of the Sam's Club closing up. No more competition!



  1. What?!! How dare they raise the price of the brownies!!

  2. Good thing I picked up a box of brownie mix at the Sam's Club liquidation.
    You really have to know your prices. I've had my eye on the inflationary prices: i.e. maple syrup (it was $9.99 last year and now it's $14.99), raw almonds price fluctuates, dried mangoes, and KS toilet paper used to be $18.99. So yes, groceries have sky-rocketed in the last year.

  3. doesn't help when you have to feed like 500 people anna!